WTF searches for “online jobs near me” ?!?

Every now & then I am interested what people search for online… not like every day, more like every 5 minutes! 😛

Well, so right now I used one of these “keyword tool” websites — not Google itself, because I know they spy on their users. But there are lots of companies who will give you little bits & pieces of information in order to tease you into signing up for their much bigger package deal, which not only includes tons of bells & whistles but also a nice, clean and super-professional subscription fee.

Of course I pass on that kinda BS. What ain’t worth a dime (or even a penny) is not getting any deets from me, let alone some sign-up to chains, bondage, or whatever kind of torture or similar pain-in.the-ass offers they might dream up for their customers.

Long story short, I plugged in “online job” … and found that one of the top results related to this concept is none other than:

online jobs near me

some website I don’t feel like promoting or even acknowledging right now

If you think I am doing this website a disservice, just consider how ridiculous it would be to actually search for “online jobs near me”. Nobody in their right mind would ever do that. All online jobs are essentially equally distant, because “online” is on the Internet, not in so-called “real life”. What this website is doing is trying to sell you something completely bogus as if it were something somewhat authentic.

It isn’t. It is 100% bullshit. Brought to you by Google, the world’s leading propaganda machine.

If you want to liberate yourself from the chains of such explotative media companies, please consider learning more about rational media.